Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week Ending 8/28

Time to get back to regularly posting my weeks.  And what a week it was!

Mon: 10.2 @ 7:15
Tue: am - 12.5 @ 7:48 (2,260'), pm - 5.0 @ 7:16
Wed: am - 6.0 @ 7:21, pm - 6.2 @ 6:53
Thu: am - 5.0 @ 7:32, pm - 21.0 @ 7:37 (4,140')
Fri: 8.0 @ 8:33 (1,340)
Sat: 35.0 @ 8:56 (7,020')
Sun: 15.2 @ 7:57 (2,400')

Total: 123.1 miles, 16hrs27min, 17,160'

Not a whole lot to say about this week.  The goal these final few weeks is to get in as much uphill and downhill training as I possibly can, and I think I accomplished that this week.  A few of those runs were spent just running up and down the same hill over and over.  Saturday's long run in Marin was the best long run I have ever had.  I never felt like I was pushing it, I was running up climbs I normally hike, my nutrition was spot on, and I ended up finishing feeling very strong.  And I was really shocked at how fast the time flew by.  It definitely didn't feel like I was out there for 5+ hours.  Complete night and day from what happened in my 50k two weeks ago.  In comparison, I was 20 seconds faster per mile on this long run, and I ended up hitting the 50k mark at 4:35 compared to 4:47 two weeks ago.  A huge confidence booster heading into these final weeks.  Feeling pretty good about a sub-7 in Vermont again.

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