Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week Ending July 17th

Mon: 11.8 @ 7:20 -- This was just meant to be an easy 7 miler, but I ran into a buddy around mile 5 and next thing I know it turned into close to 12.  Legs felt good, so I just went with it.

Tue: am - 5.0 @ 7:22, pm - 9.4 w/ 3.55 @ 5:28 -- Just an easy run in the morning down West Cliff, then headed over to Nisene Marks for the Aptos Creek Trail run in the evening, a weekly 3.55 mile race that I just found out about.  Not much of a trail run, as most of the race is on the fire road leading into Nisene, then 0.5 mile on some single track.  The plan was just to head out and run it as a tempo effort, which I will probably do as many Tuesday nights as possible.  The splits were 5:29, 5:39 (single track mile), 5:29, and 2:47 (5:08 pace) for the last 0.55 miles.  Solid effort that left me feeling like I am in better shape than I thought.  The turnout wasn't large, so I ended up winning by 20 seconds.  Run included 1.3 mile w/u and 4.55 mile c/d.

Wed: am - 5.0 @ 7:24, pm - 7.2 @ 8:46 (1350') --Easy run in the morning down West Cliff, then I managed to squeeze a quick trail run in just as the sun was setting...Lookout > Pogonip Creek Nature > Brayshaw > Spring > Rincon Connector > Spring > Brayshaw > Pogonip Creek Nature > Lookout.  I quickly learned that Pogonip is not the place you want to be running at near dusk...all the homeless people were out making their beds for the night.  

Thu: am - 13.0 @ 8:37 (4,270'), pm - 5.0 @ 7:29 -- Ummmm, so I think I found my new favorite, close to home training route this morning.  I knew about all the trails, but never put them all together because of a river crossing.  Well, I took the waist high crossing down on this day.  The route was Lookout > Spring > Old Spring > Rincon > Rincon Connector > Rincon Fire > Big Rock Hole > Ridge Fire > Pine > Eagle Creek > River > Rincon Fire > Big Rock Hole > Rincon Fire > Rincon Connector > Spring > Lookout.  I'm a little skeptical on the vertical, but it was very hilly regardless.  When I was out there I was guessing 3,000' or so, so I was a little shocked to see 4,200'.  I always thought Garmin Connect seemed pretty accurate, so not sure what to think.  Either way, great route and run.  Another easy run down West Cliff to finish off the day.

Fri: am - 5.0 @ 7:28, pm - 7.0 @ 7:18 -- Another couple easy runs up and down West Cliff.  Nothing too exciting to report here.

Sat: 30.6 @ 9:18 (6,730') -- Tennesee Valley > Miwok > Miwok Cutoff > Miwok > Deer Creek Fire > Dipsea > Coastal Fire > Old Mine > Matt Davis > Highway 1 > Dipsea > Steep Ravine > Old Mine > Coastal Fire > Coast View > Heather Cutoff > Muir Woods Road > Coastal > Miwok > Old Springs > Tennesse Valley.  Ahhhhh, my favorite place to run.  Didn't get the epic views on this day due to the cool, rainy, wet, and foggy weather (typical July SF weather), but it was still an epic run regardless.  Lots of ass kicking hills.  Nutrition was great and I felt a ton better this go round than the last time I did a similar, albeit longer loop.  I really wish I lived a lot closer to Marin.

Sun: 10.0 @ 8:48 (1,240') -- Wilder Ridge > Zane Grey > Wilder Ridge > Enchanted Loop > Eucalyptus Loop > Old Cabin > Wild Boar > Engelsmans.  Just an easy trail run to finish off a great week of running.  Legs felt really good coming off the long run yesterday.  Things are really coming together quickly.

Total: 109 miles, 14hrs57min, 13,590'

YTD: 2,064.9 miles

First 100 mile week in a long time, easily the most time I've spent running in one week, and probably the most vertical I've ever accumulated as well.  Still a little too much road running though.  I plan to hit the trails a little more this week, as well as add in another workout.  Finished off the week with a nice steak, a few IPA's, some ice cream, and a little Varsity Blues.  Perfect way to end it.

A few videos from Saturday's run up Steep Ravine....

Coming down Coastal Trail towards Pirates Cove...

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