Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week Ending July 24th

Mon: am - 10.0 @ 8:09 (1,840'), pm - 6.2 @ 8:22 (660') -- Decided to hit the trails twice to start off the week.  The morning run was a hard effort with a decent amount of climbing through Pogonip, which included 3 x U-Con Trail hard up, moderate down.  The evening was pretty relaxed run on a short loop through Wilder Ranch.

Tue: am - 5.0 @ 7:16, pm - 11.3 w/ 3.55 @ 5:28 (960') -- Easy road run down West Cliff in the morning, then the weekly Aptos Trail Series that evening.  Got in a 4 mile warmup, the race, and a 3.75 mile cooldown.  Zero competition this week so I figured I would just take it fairly easy.  First mile was a 5:34, about 5 seconds slower than last week.  Mile 2 was a 5:37, which was a couple seconds faster than last week, so I decided to push a little from here on out.  Mile 3 came in at 5:24 and at this point I figured I would be pretty close to last week's time.  Finished of the last 0.55 miles in 2:44 and crossed the finish line in 19:21, 4 seconds faster than last week, with my nearest competitor about 3 minutes behind.

Wed: 6.2 @ 7:21 -- My legs were beat after a couple hard days in a row, so I ended up taking the evening off.  Just an easy run down West Cliff in the morning.

Thu: am - 16.2 @ 8:50 (3,250'), pm - 4 @ ~7:30 (No Garmin) -- Big day of running.  Morning trail run took me from Harvey West through Pogonip into Henry Cowell and back, including about 4 up and downs on the U-Con trail.  Solid run with a decent amount of climbing.  Left the Garmin behind for the evening run down West Cliff.

Fri: am - 11.2 @ 8:34 (1,320'), pm - 5.0 @ 7:33 -- Easy run through Wilder in the morning followed up bu another easy run down West Cliff.  Nothing too exciting to report here.

Sat: 29.6 @ 8:58 (4,750') --  I procrastinated this one for a while, but finally got out in the afternoon.  A beautiful day for running that truly reaffirmed why I love the trails so much.  I got a great vibe from everyone I crossed paths with on the trails this afternoon.  From hiker, to mountain bikers, to felt great to be out there in the woods sharing the trails with others, even though, technically, I was all alone.  Pogonip, Wilder, and Henry Cowell were all hit in today's run.  Fueling and hydration were perfect, although my legs were a little fatigued in those last 5 miles.  It was tough getting out of the river crossing at mile 26.  I could have easily called it quits there and enjoyed the cool river water, but I kept trucking on and finished her off strong.  Chocolate milk and ice bath for post-run recovery.

Sun: 10.7 w/ 6.0 @ 5:16 -- See previous blog post.

Total: 115.4 miles, 15hrs44min, 12,780'

YTD: 2,180.3 miles

I couldn't be happier with the way this week turned out.  Three really solid hard efforts, two big runs with a good amount of climbing, and a heck of a lot of "other" miles.  Really stoked with where my fitness level is at right now.  Bodes well with 9 weeks to go for Vermont.  Much needed cutback week coming up this week.  I will actually be heading home for some family time, so there will be no sort of climbing whatsoever.  I will still try and get in a couple hard efforts though, but the mileage will definitely be reduced.  Hopefully I don't melt in the heat.

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