Monday, June 11, 2012

Week Ending 6/10

Mon: off
Tue: off
Wed: 4.0 @ 7:16
Thu: 5.2 @ 7:29
Fri: 5.0 @ 6:52
Sat: 6.0 @ 6:19
Sun: 10.0 @ 8:59 on trails w/ 2,300 +/-

Total: 30.2 miles

Took it pretty easy for the most part, but the legs have seemed to bounce back rather quickly from Sunday's marathon.  They wanted to move on yesterday's run, as I found myself dropping down to 6:20'ish pace almost immediately.  Felt great to get back on some trails this morning as well. 

I decided to take advantage of the elite entry standard for the SF 2nd Half Marathon, so that is an addition to the race schedule.  Not sure if I will race it all out or just use it as a workout towards AFC, but I guess there is plenty of time in between to actually race both.  I've got a little time to make that decision though.

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